Litelok is the result of years of research, development, engineering and testing. In some of our tests we use machines to apply forces far greater than any human can achieve, with Liteloks meeting or exceeding industry standards.

Importantly both product ranges, Litelok Gold and Litelok Silver, have been independently tested by Sold Secure, achieving Gold and Silver ratings respectively.

Litelok Gold is the lightest, flexible Sold Secure Gold bike lock, and was awarded Best Bike Lock by Cycling Plus (foldable category). And Litelok Silver is the world’s lightest Sold Secure Silver bike lock.

U lock vs Litelok Gold - Torsion (Twisting) Test

In this test we compare a Litelok Gold against a U lock (also Gold rated). This torsion test rig has been developed with an engineering consultant and Swansea University College of Engineering - Prof Stephen Brown (Head of Engineering), Dr Nick Lavery and Dr Adam Philo.

As you can see, Litelok Gold performs much better than a U/D lock against this type of attack. 

Matthew ‘Pritch’ Pritchard vs Litelok Gold

We asked Matthew ‘Pritch’ Pritchard, former MTV star of Dirty Sanchez, who has become an ironman athlete, to try to break a single Litelok Gold with common theft tools. He couldn’t do it! Watch the video.

For more, check out our videos page. View our range of Litelok products here.

Engineer vs Litelok Gold

The video below demonstrates the high-security of a Litelok Gold. We got our Engineer to attack a single Litelok Gold with a range of common theft tools consecutively to show it can withstand sustained attack. The tools we use are:

  • bolt croppers
  • cordless drill
  • hacksaw
  • freeze spray, hammer & chisel
  • crow bar (aka wrecking bar) 

Factory Guy vs Litelok Gold

In the video below, we got the biggest guy in our factory to try to break a Litelok Gold using a leverage attack, with a tool similar to a crowbar. He couldn't do it.


U lock vs Litelok Silver - Torsion (Twisting) Test

In this test we compare a Litelok Silver against a U/D lock (also Silver rated). As you can see, Litelok Silver performs much better than a U/D lock against this type of attack.

Bolt Cropper Attack on Litelok Silver Lock Housing

Litelok Silver’s lock housing is made from hardened aerospace steel alloy. It’s so tough it breaks bolt croppers!

Real Bike Thieves vs Litelok

Litelok’s have proven themselves on the streets too.

We have received many messages from happy customers whose Litelok has deterred thieves. One of them even sent security camera footage in. As you can see the thieves tried with all their might to break the Litelok but all they managed to break was a sweat.

  • Read here how a customer in New York City almost had his bicycle stolen, but didn’t, thanks to his Litelok. The bike thief simply could not break it.

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