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"As a designer, engineer and entrepreneur who revels in creating innovative new technologies and products, I’m passionate about design and innovation and see them as much more than mere problem-solving activities – they are the source of new opportunities. 

After having several bicycles stolen on the streets of London and fed up with having to carry around heavy bike locks, I thought there must be a way to create high-security and lightweight bike locks. 

Having started LITELOK in 2013, we’re extremely
proud to have helped people protect their cherished bikes and to have created high quality employment and manufacturing here in Wales, UK.

Prof. Neil Barron



Innovation is the heartbeat of our mission. We challenge the status quo, disrupting traditional norms to introduce groundbreaking solutions that redefine the security landscape. Through relentless research and development, we push the boundaries of what's possible in bicycle and motorcycle lock technology, ensuring our customers stay one step ahead in safeguarding their prized possessions.


Our commitment to user-centric design is at the core of every product we create. Inspired by a passion for simplicity and functionality, our innovative designs aim to seamlessly integrate security into the daily lives of our users. Take, for instance, our line of wearable locks—an embodiment of elegance and practicality, designed not just to protect, but to enhance the overall experience of our customers, making security a stylish and effortless part of their journey.


Here at LITELOK, sustainability is not just a buzzword; it's a commitment woven into the fabric of our brand. From the ground up, our operations are geared towards minimizing our ecological footprint. Our solar-powered factory stands as a testament to our dedication to clean energy, while our use of sustainable materials in crafting our locks reflects our responsibility towards the environment. Join us in securing a greener, more sustainable future—one lock at a time.


Security is non-negotiable, and we leave nothing to chance. Every lock bearing the LITELOK seal undergoes rigorous testing, ensuring it meets and exceeds the highest industry standards. Our commitment to transparency is evident in our collaboration with independent experts and industry professionals who meticulously evaluate the integrity of our products. Rest easy knowing that when you choose LITELOK, you're investing in a lock that has withstood the scrutiny of the most discerning eyes in the field.


Our paramount mission is safeguarding the journeys of our customers. Beyond providing cutting-edge locks, our commitment extends to an unparalleled level of service dedicated to your peace of mind. With a minimum 12-month warranty on all our products, we stand firmly behind the quality and durability of every lock we deliver.

Our in-house customer service team, comprised of knowledgeable product experts, is always at your disposal. Whether you have questions about installation, need assistance troubleshooting, or simply seek advice on optimising your security setup, we're here for you.



In December 2013, LITELOK is incorporated with Professor Neil Barron (pictured right) as Founder and Southampton University friend and previous project collaborator, Will Riley as seed investor and Chairman (pictured left).



In April 2015, LITELOK's first product - LITELOK Gold is created and launched on Kickstarter. As the name suggests, LITELOK Gold is certified Sold Secure Bicycle Gold rating by Sold Secure. Over 2,700 units of LITELOK Gold are ordered from 57 countries on the Kickstarter platform. The LITELOK brand is well and truly born.



A significant manufacturing and fulfilment operation is developed in the heart of South Wales and all Kickstarter orders are delivered. LITELOK source parts and materials from multiple suppliers including Boaflexicore composite material which is produced by the kilometre by Continental in Germany.

LITELOK Gold wins Best Cycling Innovation at the London Cycling Awards and goes into our first retail stores including Evans Cycles in the UK where the product sells out 7 times in its first season!



LITELOK receives an InnovateUK technology grant allowing the company to explore innovative joining technologies to help scale production. The result of this project is the technology behind LITELOK Silver (now LITELOK GO).

Meanwhile, the very first private demonstrations of Barronium®, LITELOK's ground-breaking anti-angle grinder technology take place as Neil Barron experiments in a secret location.


LITELOK GO is launched!

Following a period of iterative development, our fair share of 'back to the drawing board' moments and exhaustive testing LITELOK Silver (now LITELOK GO) is officially launched on Kickstarter with over 1700 units ordered. The lock features fantastic reliability and corrosion resistance. Aerospace grade stainless steel is used in a monocoque lock construction with a custom, patent-pending locking mechanism.

Meanwhile, LITELOK Gold Wearable is launched and promoted by Pritch, the crazy Welshman turned Iron Man and his spaniel, Lemmy.

LITELOK Gold Wearable wins the prestigious Red Dot Design award at a lavish ceremony in Germany.


LITELOK GOLD Moto is launched

LITELOK GOLD Moto is released to wide acclaim and featured in Motorcycle News. It's hailed as the lightest portable motorcycle security device on the market. The product is offered by LITELOK in 3 colours and with a washable neoprene outer 'skin' to protect motorcycle paintwork from scratches.



The year 2020 was heavily defined by the COVID-19 pandemic. LITELOK strived to develop, product and fulfil products however possible with staff working remotely in home offices, sheds and even caravans!

Lockdown provides the perfect opportunity for Neil to start development of the next generation of high security flexible locks which results in Boaflexicore+ and LITELOK CORE.

At the end of 2020, LITELOK BV is opened in cycling obsessed Netherlands to help bypass the challenges created by Brexit and provide our European customers with an easy purchase experience.



LITELOK releases its first U-lock - the flexible LITELOK GO Flexi-U. As well as being lightweight, flexibility is the key to the usability of the Flexi-U. Our Boaflexicore flexible composite material is formed into a U shape by a custom designed process. LITELOK GO Flexi-U wins the prestigious iF Design Award within its product category.

LITELOK CORE goes live on Kickstarter, beating its target by 842% with preorders totalling £210k with 1,516 backers from 50 countries.

LITELOK moves into a new factory to consolidate its manufacturing and fulfilment into one facility.

Portable Motorcycle Security


LITELOK Gold (ONE) Moto 108 released to wide acclaim, featuring in Motorcycle News and going viral as lightweight, portable motorcycle security. Product offered in 3 colours with washable neoprene outer 'Skins' to protect from scratching paintwork.

LITELOK logo and brand developed to what you see today!

Team grows to 12 staff members.



Following the success of the Kickstarter launch, LITELOK spends much of early 2022 refining a custom production line and bespoke machinery to produce LITELOK CORE and meet the huge demand the launch campaign created.



In September 2022, after 6 years of development with support from the Welsh and UK Government plus collaboration with Swansea University advanced materials lab, LITELOK launches Barronium® - fused composite armour. This innovation allows LITELOK to make security products with many times the resistance to powertools (specifically angle grinders) compared to the market leading locks of the time.

The first product range is called LITELOK X - a range of U-locks armed with Barronium® technology. LITELOK X1 and X3 are born.



Following its launch, LITELOK X quickly becomes recognised around the world as the number 1 choice in bike security.

Bennetts Insurance give X1 and X3 a glowing review hailing X3 as "the toughest motorcycle lock we've ever tested".

As part of their security roundup, US Youtubers 'Bikes & Beards' attempt to cut X1 in one of their videos. The video goes viral with over 10 million views to date!

The world's biggest lock review website - thebestbikelock.com ranks X1 as their number 1 lock.

X1 also receives acclaim across Europe receiving an outstanding review by Stiftung Warentest, and achieving ART4 security rating (alongside X3) in Netherlands.