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LITELOK X1 Saves Trek Bike in London #22

LITELOK X1 Saves Trek Bike in London #22

Brian reached out to inform us of an attempted theft of their Trek Domane 4 bike in East London. The LITELOK X1 saved the bike from being stolen. 

"The frame of my Trek Domane 4 was chained to a steel cycle hoop. I did not have any other locks or chains to secure my bike."

"I locked up my bike at around 7:30pm last night at some bike racks near a block of flats and went to dinner at a friend's place. I returned at 10:30pm to find that someone had attempted to cut the LITELOK with an angle grinder.

There was a deep cut more than halfway through the lock but it looks like they gave up after that and my bike was still there - with damage to the twist and go mount where the lock rested but otherwise fine.


Given that the place was by now pretty deserted I left pretty sharpish with the bike in case the would-be thieves returned to threaten the owner!"

We suggest employing a layered locking strategy for your bike to enhance theft deterrence.

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