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LITELOK GO FLEXI-O Saves £1.5k Bike in London #25

LITELOK GO FLEXI-O Saves £1.5k Bike in London #25

Jon experienced a recent attempted theft of their bike outside the National Theatre/ British Film Institute in London, SE1 on the 10th of April around 4pm. Jon's bike was locked to a bike stand with the LITELOK GO Flexi-O

"Yesterday someone tried to steal my bike and I’m very grateful the lock was strong enough to stop them! They have used cutters of some sort and have cut through the black casing but the wire looks in tact."

"I secured the bike to go to a gallery with my parents for the afternoon.  When I came back to the bike I noticed that someone had tried to cut the lock but couldn't get through it.  Considering how often bikes are stolen. in London I was very relieved that they were not able to break the lock and take my bike."

The GO is crafted for quick stops in low-risk zones and, while not built to withstand angle grinders like the LITELOK X range, it still proved effective in deterring thieves and safeguarding Jon's bike.

We recommend employing a multi-layered locking strategy, particularly in high-risk areas, where we advise the use of a Sold Secure Diamond rated lock for optimal security. The LITELOK X1 and LITELOK X3 are ideally tailored to meet the needs of cyclists and motorcyclists navigating urban environments with heightened risks of theft.

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