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LITELOK X1 Saves E-Bike in Paris #18

LITELOK X1 Saves E-Bike in Paris #18

Fabien reached out to us to share his experience of an attempted theft of his E-Bike in Paris. 

"I bought my E-Bike two months ago after someone stole mine. I received my LITELOK X1 yesterday morning. I just go out to the restaurant with my son and wife. I think someone tried to steal my bike...again." 

"I use the LITELOK X1, a Kryptonite 160 x 10 chain and a Abus Xtreme"

We recommend a multi-layered locking strategy to provide the utmost security reassurance. 

In areas with elevated risk levels, we suggest opting for the LITELOK X3 for enhanced security.

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