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LITELOK X1 is armoured with Barronium™, a patent pending composite material that resists angle grinder attack by turning the grinder's energy and force in on itself.

Barronium™ is permanently fused to a hardened fine-grain high-tensile steel core which provides Motorcycle Diamond levels of protection against all other commonly used tools such as bolt croppers, cable cutters, long bars, hammers and chisels.

LITELOK X1 offers at least double the performance of the most heavy-duty chains yet weighs only 1.7kg and is easily carried in a rucksack, stored in your panniers or strapped to your rack. It also offers at least 5 times more angle grinder resistance than the best-selling, best-performing D-locks.

The ultimate level of security is now portable.

  • Barronium™ fused composite armour repels angle grinder attacks
  • Suitable for use at home, in a garage and out and about.
  • The natural finish soft plant-based eco-rubber outer layer won't damage your wheels, spokes or fairings.
  • The only full-size armoured D-lock. Locks more bikes, in more situations.
  • Unique anti-rotation feature protects against twisting attacks and single cut attacks.
  • Unique, innovative self-sealing silicone keyhole cover means you don’t have to remember to open or close your keyhole to keep out dirt, dust and moisture.
  • Fully corrosion resistant.
  • Certified Sold Secure Motorcycle Diamond.
  • Proudly Made in Britain using precision engineering in our solar powered factory.
SECURITY Anti-Angle grinder (5x more angle-grinder resistant than the current best-selling, best performing D-locks).    Sold Secure Motorcycle and Bicycle Diamond.
WEIGHT 1.7kg / 3.7lb
101 x 196mm (3.97 x 7.7")
ART4 accredited cylinder

Twist & Go mount included
(Restrap lock holster available for purchase separately)

"If you don’t fancy becoming another victim on the police bike theft database, there isn’t a better lock for you than the X1."

Read the full X1 review
October 2022

"Litelok’s tough coating makes
mincemeat of angle grinders"

Motorcycle News
October 2022

Armoured D-Lock for Motorcycles & Scooters



Barronium™, our new composite anti-grinder armour, is fused to a hardened fine-grain high-tensile steel core to provide protection against multiple tools attacks, including angle-grinders, bolt croppers, cable cutters, long bars, hammers, chisels and more.


X1 locks are finished with Quartz White retro-reflective vinyl strips along the lock shackle and on the X's at each end. These offer increased visibility of the lock to deter thieves and remind you it’s fitted. X protects the spot. 


LITELOK X1 weighs just 1.7kg, far lighter than any motorcycle chain yet still offers Diamond level protection & angle grinder resistance. It’s also easily stored in your backpack or panniers when not in use. 


The plant-based eco-rubber outer layer is sourced from 80% non-food grade crops, which dramatically reduces the amount of petrochemical plastic required in the manufacturing of our locks. Due to the nature of these materials, any waste generated during production can be recycled and re-used in our solar powered manufacturing facility in South Wales.



If you don't own an armoured D-lock then your bike is not protected against angle-grinders, which is increasingly becoming the tool of choice for bike thieves.



Litelok X1


Barronium™ is a fused composite armour that offers unparalleled angle grinder resistance without adding extra weight. It is a super hard ceramic composite material that repels angle grinder attacks and turns the grinder's energy and force in on itself. Continuous cutting wears down the grinder discs, batteries and ultimately the grinder motor itself.

Litelok X1

MOTORBIKE Security Reimagined


What's in the LITELOK X1 box?

diamond rated flexible bike lock

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can LITELOK X1 resist an angle grinder for?

It requires multiple discs and many minutes to cut X1 locks, which will deter even the most determined thieves.

How much does LITELOK X1 weigh?

LITELOK X1 weighs approximately 1.7kgs or 3.7lbs.

What is LITELOK X1's locking circumference?

LITELOK X1 has a full-sized locking circumference of approximately 101 x 196mm meaning you can lock more bikes in more places than other armoured u-locks.

How do I secure my motorcycle with LITELOK X1?

LITELOK X1 can be used to secure the front or rear wheel of your motorcycle. Depending on the style of your wheel, the lock can be fitted through your spokes, through your spokes and disc, or even through the disc and hub itself. It can also be used around the wheel and tire itself on the front wheel of your motorbike.

X1’s can also be daisy chained together from a solid object or to another bike.

We’re building a portfolio of fitment pictures so please feel free to ask us on for further details or lock up tips.

Has LITELOK X1 been independently tested?

Yes, it has been thoroughly tested by Sold Secure and both locks achieve Sold Secure Motorcycle and Bicycle Diamond levels.

(Note: Sold Secure is owned and administered by the Master Locksmiths Association (a not-for-profit trade association) and works from purpose built laboratories in the UK

Who invented Barronium™?

Our founder and CEO, Professor Neil Barron, supported by Innovate UK, worked closely with some of the world’s leading material scientists for over 5 years to develop Barronium™, our ground breaking angle grinder resistant technology.

What is LITELOK X1 made of?

LITELOK X1 is built with Barronium™, a patent-pending anti-angle grinder material that is applied as a permanently fused composite armour, providing maximum cut resistance and protection from angle grinder attacks. The Barronium™ layer repels angle grinder discs.

The X range comprises of three layers of protection:  

1. A fine-grain, hardened high-tensile steel core providing inner strength against multiple tool attacks 

2. Barronium™ anti-angle grinder armour, permanently fused to the core to repel angle grinder discs 

3. A plant-based eco-rubber outer layer is soft to touch, so it won't damage your frame.

What is the warranty?

LITELOK X1 is sold with a 3 year warranty to provide peace of mind and covers mechanical or operational faults through normal usage. The warranty does not cover aesthetic wear and tear. It is important to register your lock and keys with us so that in the event that you lose your keys, replacements can be ordered.

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Benoit M.

so far seem nice !

but let's be honnest i have not tried to grind it, and my motorbike is still were i left it (good point). The lock in itself is easy to open with the key and looks sturdy. Go watch video review if you are unsure about it.

leo r.
Netherlands Netherlands


Solid feeling lock, the grinder review on Utube, explains it all and giving confidence. Leo