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LITELOK X1 Saves £1200 Bike in London #27

LITELOK X1 Saves £1200 Bike in London #27
LITELOK X1, the ultimate bike security solution, proved its worth in London once again, as Katherine's £1200 bike was saved from a potential theft.
"The theft took place in the bike storage room of my apartment block - I think the door hadn't been properly closed at night and someone therefore managed to get into the bike store.
It happened at some point between 11pm on Saturday 6th March and 5pm Sunday 17th March. I think most likely it happened in the early hours of the morning on Sunday morning as that is when very few people would be around whereas people come and go frequently in the daytime.
Someone entered the bike store and tried to cut through the lock with what looks like an angle grinder. They got half way through rather than the whole way through the lock so they didn't take my bike. I found my bike the next day at 5pm still in the bike store with the damaged lock."
The would be bike thieves would have needed to execute two cuts, demanding additional time, effort, and angle grinder discs.

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