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Litelok Stops Theft in Dublin #10

Litelok Stops Theft in Dublin #10

Aaron got in touch with us to share his experience with an attempted theft of his bike. 

"I had to whizz over to Dublin for work at very notice so went on my motorbike. Parked it in a secure public multi-storey car park and left it for 2 nights. It's very rare I leave my bike in public but secured it with the the X1 on the front wheel along with a disk lock and another disk lock on the rear wheel. During that time even though it was in secure car park covered by CCTV somebody had attempted to cut the X1 and failed miserably.

Can't be sure if somebody has taken a grinder or a hacksaw to it very briefly but it's not really done any damage at all. Somebody has definitely attempted to make a cut. I pretty much bought the lock when I bought the bike and both are like new so I could easily tell it had been tampered with. It's also been hit with a blunt instrument, again hardly touched it. 

It was parked at Q park, St Stephens Green Dublin, level 5. 2 cars were also broken into whilst my bike was parked there. It’s a busy car park. I would say they were either disturbed or decided quickly they just weren't going to be successful with the tools they had.

It's a Multistrada Enduro. A big powerful lump of a bike. I had my full Aluminium pannier set on. If  they had of smashed the lock off I very much doubt they would be used to such a bike. I don't believe they would have gotten it down the first ramp without dropping it or smashing it into a car. If they had of got it started, out onto the streets of Dublin It doesn't bear thinking about what could have happened. 

 Your X1 I believe saved myself and others a lot of trouble last week. 

You could say another lock would do the same. I don't believe so, when you handle your lock you know it's not your average lock. Unless you were really motivated to take a specific bike I think you would move on. I think these guys just gave up quickly. 

I've ordered an X3 also, I won't ride the bike it until next spring now but next time it's out in public it will be locked with your X1 and an X3. I don't think though I will be taking it to central Dublin again." 

We can't say for sure what tools were used on Aarons Litelok X1, but it survived the thieves. 

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