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LITELOK X3 Saves KTM Duke 390 in Croydon #26

LITELOK X3 Saves KTM Duke 390 in Croydon #26

Nadia reached out to our team to share news on a bike theft attempt of her £3500 KTM Duke 390 in Croydon. The attempted theft took place in a private gated car park between Friday 9pm - Monday 3pm. 

"I locked up my bike Friday evening in my carpark and when I had come back to it Monday afternoon I saw the cover was off, I immediately looked at the locks"

Nadia noticed the would be thieves targeted the X3, and had tried to get it started as the ignition barrel and tank was also damaged.


"It was locked with X1, X3, mammoth chain (Gold Standard Sold Secure) and an Oxford boss chain and disc lock" 
The LITELOK X Moto range is Sold Secure Powered Cycle Diamond, and is ART 4 accredited. 

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