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LITELOK X1 Saves Road Bike in Copenhagen #21

LITELOK X1 Saves Road Bike in Copenhagen #21

Andreas shared their experience with an attempted theft on their Trek Émonda SL5 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The LITELOK X1 saved the bike from an attempted theft on Saturday, February the 3rd.

"The attempt took place at DR Koncerthuset (DR is the Danish equivalent of BBC, Koncerthuset is their concert hall) in Copenhagen (Denmark)."

 "Saturday February 3rd 2024 somewhere between 7.30 pm and 10.30 pm during an event at the concert hall called Science and Cocktails (it was a lecture on quantum mechanics).

The bike is brand new, I just bought it because my other bike was stolen just before Christmas. I payed 17.900 DKK for it, which is around £2050. It is a Trek Émonda SL5. It was locked to a bike rack. The X1 was the only lock on it. 

After the event at the concert hall, the entire bike parking lot had been ransacked by thieves. Several others had gotten their bikes stolen, one had lost his bike battery. My bike was still there with a single cut in the lock clearly from an angle grinder. My guess is that they gave up after their disc had been broken down."

LITELOK X1 is ART 4 accredited, as well as Sold Secure Bicycle & Motorcycle Diamond. 



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