Take our Bike Theft Surveys and Help us in our Fight Against Bike Theft

Take our Bike Theft Surveys and Help us in our Fight Against Bike Theft

Revolutionize Bike Security: Take our Bike Theft Surveys to Build the Ultimate Picture of Theft

We've just launched our bike theft surveys - one for cyclists, and one for motorbikers. Our aim? To find out where bike theft is at its worst, uncover some insights and do our bit to help in the ongoing fight against bike theft. However, we can't do this without your help!

LITELOK's Bike Theft Surveys

Whether you've been a victim or not (or even had a close call) your insights are vital! We would love it if you'd take a few minutes to fill in our survey. If you ride a bicycle and a motorbike, please feel free to do both!

What's in it for me?

We're giving everyone who fills in a survey the chance to win a LITELOK X1. But apart from that, you'll be playing a big part in helping us identify areas where bike theft is at its worst. Your feedback means we can see where bikes are being stolen from, how many thefts take place and what happens after.

What will we use the data for?

We work with a variety of people from insurers to local Police forces, this data will help them get a better understanding of where the hotspots are, and what happens in the event of thefts, such as where bikes are being stolen from and how. 

Our goal is to help make a difference. We want to get as many responses as possible to build up a profile of bike theft in different locations. In the future, we'd love to be able to use that data to petition for things like better infrastructure. For now, our aim is helping people keep their bikes safe.

Motorcycle Theft Survey

There don't appear to be many surveys of this kind for motorbikers. Whilst there are lots of theft statistics, these come from reported cases. We want to build a wider picture of when, how and where. 

Bike Theft Surveys
We'll be running our surveys until the end of July. In that time we hope to gather as much data as possible. Please help us by filling in the surveys and sharing them with everyone you know who rides bikes!

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