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EVERY.DAY.RIDE #7 with Sammie
Every Day Ride

EVERY.DAY.RIDE #7 with Sammie

Tell us a little about yourself? My name is Sammie and I was born and raised in the only Grand-Duchy in the world : Luxembourg. I started riding in June 2022, have two cats that I dearly love and I...

Every Day RideEVERY.DAY.RIDE #6 with Cargobikestar

EVERY.DAY.RIDE #6 with Cargobikestar

We spoke to Rasmus, aka Cargobikestar to get a rundown on his Every Day Ride! Tell us a little about yourself? I am just a regular city living dad, with high beliefs about the future of cargo bikes...

Every Day RideEVERY.DAY.RIDE #5 with Maja

EVERY.DAY.RIDE #5 with Maja

Tell us a little about yourself? I'm originally from Slovenia and have been living in the UK for nearly 30 years and 22 of these in North Wales. After wanting a motorcycle all my life, I finally ha...

Every Day RideSTAFF EVERY.DAY.RIDE with Lauren


Our LITELOK crew are pretty interesting, and of course, many of them ride, whether it's daily cycling, mountain biking, or motorcycling! We'd like to introduce them to you. Starting our Staff EDR s...

Every Day RideEVERY.DAY.RIDE #4 with Ilmo Niittymäki

EVERY.DAY.RIDE #4 with Ilmo Niittymäki

Tell us a little about yourself? My name is Ilmo Niittymäki and I’m originally from Finland, but have been living in South-West France for the past 11 years. I run my own marketing consultancy age...

Every Day RideEVERY.DAY.RIDE #3 with Alexia Desile

EVERY.DAY.RIDE #3 with Alexia Desile

We spoke to Alexia!  Tell us a little about yourself? My name is Alexia Desile and I live in Kent. I am originally from France and I moved to the UK 8 years ago. I love to work hard and play even h...