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LITELOK X3 Saves BMW Scooter In Beckenham #28

LITELOK X3 Saves BMW Scooter In Beckenham #28

Ian experienced an attempted theft of his BMW electric scooter in Beckenham, in the first week of June. The LITELOK X3 saved the scooter from bike thieves! 

"Truly an incredible piece of engineering!  I myself am an engineer working for a British Supercar manufacturer so I appreciate the quality and design. - Ian

"My bike was parked on my driveway in a private road in Beckenham Kent/South East London on Sunday 2nd June evening/Monday 3rd very early morning.

The bike is a very low mileage BMW C Evolution Plus electric scooter, £5,850 as I'd only picked it up the week previous.

The bike was just locked to itself, but weighs 265kg so was impossible to drag away/lift into a van.  The only reason I knew the bike theft was attempted was that D section of the lock was all chewed up...for quite some time I couldn't work out what had happened. 

I thought maybe a fox had chewed it, but as you can see it was damaged by hitting the brake discs/caliper.  Reflecting back I also could not understand why the bike was facing the opposite way to how I'd parked it on my drive.  I believe they tried to turn it round but the lock eventually stopped them and then gave up."

The LITELOK X3 turns the angle grinders energy and force in on itself, and offers 15 times more resistance than the best-selling D-locks, making it the ultimate security solution for your scooter. Whilst it offers unrivalled security against angle grinders, X3 is also impossible to break with other commonly used tool like bolt croppers and cable cutters.

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