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LITELOK Core Plus Saves E-Bike in London #24

LITELOK Core Plus Saves E-Bike in London #24

Hemant reached out to share how the LITELOK Core Plus rescued their £1750  E-Bike.

"The attempted theft occurred in the backyard of our building, located in [Lockham]. It's a gated building with a lockable bike shed. My bike was parked inside the bike shed with the lock.

The incident took place on 6th April in the morning, around 10:00 AM.

With the add-ons I've installed, the approximate value of my bike is around £1750.

My bike was locked to the metal bar inside the bike shed using the Core Plus lock. There were no additional security devices used.

Someone entered the backyard, possibly through an open door, and managed to bypass the lock on the bike shed. They then attempted to cut through the Litelok securing my bike.

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