LITELOK are some of the strongest bike locks and motorbike locks available. Designed with multiple layers of protection, they combine the security of rigid D locks and U locks and flexibility of heavy bike chain locks but up to half the weight.

Every LITELOK is insurance rated, independently tested and certified by Sold Secure, ART or FUB.


LITELOK are among the most secure bike locks and motorbike locks designed for high risk areas to protect every ride type from e-scooters, bikes, e-bikes, motor scooters and motorbikes. 

Each lock is independently tested to withstand sustained attack from common theft tools including hammer and chisels, hacksaws, crow bars, cordless drills and bolt croppers achieving Sold Secure Bicycle, Sold Secure Motorcycle and ART standards. 

All of our products are manufactured to last and we employ rigorous testing in the development to achieve the best bike locks against corrosion, fatigue and long term use, passing or exceed industry standards.


Every LITELOK is made from tough stuff with our patented technologies using either Boaflexicore® or Boaflexicore Plus; multi-layered bike security strap joined to aerospace grade steel lock housing, creating flexible yet extremely strong bike locks.

TECH: Boaflexicore®

Boaflexicore® technology is made of innovative lightweight composite materials, providing layers of security, incredible flexibility and joined to a virtually indestructible hardened steel alloy lock housing. Boaflexicore® is used in our GO and ONE products.

TECH: Boaflexicore Plus®

Boaflexicore Plus® is our strongest bike lock technology; a multi-layered security strap built to flex in sync to retain maximum security and flexibility and joined to an aerospace grade hardened steel inline lock body. Boaflexicore Plus is used in our CORE locks.

Torsion Test

The ultimate strength test of a whole lock is the “torsion test”; a test of brute force to simulate a crow bar or wrecking bar attack, commonly used on the street to defeat locks. We’ve built our own torsion test machine but there is sometimes no substitute for the skill and brawn of an engineer. 

Torsion Test: LITELOK GO vs U LOCK

In this test we compare a LITELOK GO Flexi-U against a rigid U-lock (of the same security rating). As you can see, the flexibility of the LITELOK means that as the bar turns, energy builds up within the boaflexicore material and the resistance increases, making it close to impossible to break in a real-life situation.

Torsion Test: LITELOK ONE vs U LOCK

In this test we compare a LITELOK ONE against a U lock (of the same security rating). This torsion test rig has been developed with an engineering consultant and Swansea University College of Engineering – Prof Stephen Brown (Head of Engineering), Prof Nick Lavery and Dr Adam Philo. As you can see, LITELOK ONE performs much better than a U/D lock against this type of attack.

Torsion Test: LITELOK CORE vs Engineer

This is our most recent torsion test – on the soon to be released LITELOK CORE (available for pre-order). CORE is our most secure lock to date and in this recent torsion test saw it pitched against ‘street’ attack simulation by one of our engineers. Failure to be defeated, with the test being brought to a close after 7 minutes, it shows the strength of the layered technology used within our CORE locks.

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