In a world where bikes are getting lighter and locks are getting heavier, we’ve invented the lightest, flexible, insurance rated bike and motorcycle locks on the planet. We flex when others break and are the lightweight heavyweights of bike security.

” I am Prof Neil Barron, the founder and inventor of LITELOK.  I’m a designer, engineer and entrepreneur who revels in creating innovative new technologies and products and operate at the intersection of design, cutting edge technology and contemporary culture. 

I’m passionate about design and innovation and see them as much more than mere problem-solving activities – they are the source of new opportunities and new ways of interacting with the world. After having several bicycles stolen on the streets of London and fed up with having to carry around heavy bike locks, I thought there must be a way to create high-security and lightweight bike locks. 

From an early age, I was inspired by Concorde and went on to obtain a degree and career in Aeronautics and Astronautics, sponsored by Rolls-Royce, where I then became a Technologist. With a relentless obsession with how things are made, I’m constantly questioning the status quo and looking for better alternatives.

We started LITELOK at the end of 2013, and we’re extremely proud to help protect peoples cherished bikes and creating high quality employment and manufacturing here in Wales, UK. “

Prof. Neil Barron
CEO & Founder


LITELOK is based in Wales, UK and made up of riders who share a passion for protecting bikes and motorcycles. We work with some of the world’s leading material scientists and engineers from universities to advance our technical knowhow and all our locks are designed and manufactured in the UK with love and care by our own team.


in empowering everyone to ride wherever and whenever they want, and to help create a positive impact on the environment and your health. We believe in beating crime by innovating to protect your ride, without the need to compromise and carry a heavy, cumbersome bike lock that either slows you down or drains your bikes energy.  LITELOK produces the world’s lightest, flexible and insurance rated locks for bicycles, e-bikes and motorbikes.  We also believe in having a positive impact on our community and that’s why every LITELOK is designed and manufactured in the UK. 

We believe…. 

  • Everyone should have the freedom to ride wherever and whenever they want 
  • In empowering people to lead active and healthy lives 
  • In beating crime and theft by protecting your ride 
  • Everything we do has a positive environmental and social impact 
  • In creating quality jobs in the UK (or Europe) and supporting our local community. 

How we do it: 

  • Disruptive, innovative and different approaches to problem solving  
  • Inventing new materials and patented technology with world class engineering 
  • Engineered and made in the UK/Britain. 


We design and build every bike lock and motorbike lock in Wales, UK, following strict environmental regulations and operated in our own manufacturing centre, so we can monitor and control every step closely. We carefully audit our suppliers to ensure that they are compliant with the strictest of environmental regulations and meet our quality standards. Our patented technology and knowhow combined with an experienced and skilled local team ensure that we are manufacturing to the highest specification with care and attention. Our in-house customer service team and product experts are on-hand to answer any questions.

We constantly look to minimise our environmental impact and are moving towards sustainable plant-based polymers made from biomaterials in our components. Where we use steel it is of a high grade, contains a proportion of recycled material and is itself completely recyclable. Our locks can be separated into different materials groups relatively easily for recycling.  

All of our products are manufactured to last and we employ rigorous testing in the development of our bike locks against corrosion, fatigue and long term use to ensure we exceed industry standards and pass stringent, independent security tests including Sold Secure, ART and FUB accreditation. 


LITELOK are a rapidly growing engineering, commercial and customer service team, based in Wales, UK. We share a love of bikes and a determination to keep your ride safe. 



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