We were recently contacted through Instagram by Ravi, a Litelok One customer from Harrow, London, telling us how impressed he was with his lock. Not only had his Litelok stopped his bike from being stolen, it managed to withstand 45 minutes of attack without breaking.

Ravi sent us this photo of the attempted theft, which was taken by a security guard from the building opposite. As you can see, the thief had a pair of long-armed bolt croppers on the floor and attempted to cut the lock using smaller handheld cutters. Liteloks have excellent resistance to bolt croppers because they are made from our patented Boaflexicore which is tough, flexible and non-contiguous. When pressure is applied, it spreads and squashes, placing more material in front of the cut so that it can’t be cut.

Click here to see a video of our engineers attempting to cut a Litelok One.

We asked Ravi for more details about the attempted theft on his bike, and he told us:

“So on the 6th of August 2020, I locked my bike outside Harrow jobcentre, my usual everyday place. I am a bus driver and my bus stand is very close to where my bike is locked but I can’t see it as it’s round the other side. Once I finished work I walked towards my bike, and from a distance, I could see something looking different as if someone had tried cutting my lock, and yes on closer inspection I was right. I immediately took a picture with a smile on my face because I could see how much effort this thief had put into trying to break this amazing lock. While taking the picture, the security guard from the jobcentre asked me if this was my bike and he was grateful it was, as he witnessed the thief spending just over 45 minutes trying to break and cut the lock with big bolt cutters. He did call the police on the thief, and once they arrived a foot chase took place. We don’t know if he was caught or not but the main thing is that my bike is safe! This is the first time I’ve been involved in something like this even though bike thefts are increasing every day. You never know when it will be you that could be a possible victim. The thief must have been quite silly to think he could cut through a lock as strong as the Litelok.  I mean just from looking at it and feeling it, he should have known that it was best to leave this alone. Even though the thief didn’t get my bike, he has damaged my Litelok which is very frustrating as in the end it’s still more money out of my pocket but no doubt I will be buying again no questions asked.”

45 minutes of constant attack has damaged the Litelok, but it is still intact. Most importantly, Ravi still has his bike.
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